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dentysta bydgoszcz(non-registered)
Almir Puglia(non-registered)
Beautiful work and you are very talent. It's cool we share the same passion.
Michael Perry(non-registered)
Been a fan of John's work since day one, literally as I was there when he first started. Amazing sense of style and depth.
Kelsey Ward(non-registered)
I only met John briefly at a photography meet up and from the moment I had met him I was comfortable, at ease and very pleased with his confidence behind the lense. His final images were amazing and very tasteful as well as beautiful and artistic. John has a real gift. He is very generous with his time to models and photographers alike. Highly recommend him to anyone.
Best photographer that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He's consistently kind and calm- offering excellent advice and guidance. I always have a little nervousness take over when I'm being photographed, but John immediately puts me at ease. He's quick to tell you what works and what doesn't and then, he produces magic. His photos are always incredible- I am routinely astounded by his exceptional talent. Hope to have many opportunities to work with him in the future!
Elizabeth Chaykowski(non-registered)
John is a very personable artist, whose creativity is as boundless as the photogenic Universe that he so confidently commands. Compassionate and sensitive in his approach, while still having very clear and cutting edge vision, working with this photographer is a joyful and expansive experience. The boundaries that he continues to push never cease to amaze Me. An honor and privilege to know such an unpretentious talent!
Melissa Girard(non-registered)
Going into a shoot with no experience I was intimidated, yet John's professionalism, kindness and warmth quickly turned that around. The outcome of his photos are incredible. More than I could ever imagine. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of his creativity.
Pete Vander Velde(non-registered)
John is a true artist. His images evoke emotion and makes me strive to be more creative. His style and vision are awesome, give him a try. He shows true dedication.
Melissa Hagblom(non-registered)
I've had the pleasure and privilege to assist John and seeing him work and create on the shoots was akin to trying to watch electricity swim. A phenomena of creative vision. His end results of what I had seen an epic novel compared to a tweet.
His ability to read a model and the environment and how they can mesh together in a riot of emotion unparallelled.
A true and rare master of the camera and a pleasure to know.
Christine Jodoin(non-registered)
I've had the privilege of working for, and along side John on a number of photo shoots. He is a humble man who is very generous with his time and knowledge, and a superb artist with a unique style. John's images are always a real feast for the eyes !
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