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John Wenzel

Once a graduate from Carleton University Architecture program, now using acquired visual and conceptual skills in search of unique moments in time, captured on media, and shared with you.

JJWenzel Images' forte has become on location themed portraits.


Looking for something different? An out-of-the norm experience in which you'll remember a day of fun, modeling and alter personas. These portraits take time in planning and organizing, finding the right team of makeup artists, hair stylists, costume fabricators ... all coming together to give you a unique experience in the world of a professional photography shoot. Scan through some of the highlights of my career; if you enjoyed the images I would greatly appreciate a comment in the guestbook ...or... drop me an email for a photo shoot idea that you would like to experience come to life.



  • Any photoshoot starts at $300 sitting fee (20% non-refundable booking fee required)
  • Packages may range from a single print to large scale multiple prints
  • Custom Persona and Pet Photography Projects are subject to review ... these creative and artistic projects all begin with a coffee date to discuss the scope of your direction, details involving the shoot, scheduling and pricing.